Brand awarness

During covid, the thought of learning something new crossed everyone’s mind. During this period online learning became very handy. Content writing, digital marketing and graphic designing are some of the commonly learned courses throughout the world. Earlier digital marketing didn’t gain much popularity easily. Once the businessman got clue about its importance almost all companies have been using it.

Why digital marketing?

It makes communication better between you and your customer. It helps business grow more when the product reach the targeted audiences and share it. This is possible only through digital marketing that help with social media strategy. As competition in business increases every minute

Types of digital marketing:

  • Content marketing: Here, you are supposed to create, publish and distribute the content among the interested audience online. But the thing here is you have to create a lot of content and deliver it continuously.
  • Search engine marketing: Basically it is promotion of your websites by increasing its visibility in search results page and it is done through paid advertising.
  • Display advertising: Ever wonders why a banner or video pops up while you visit certain websites; those are nothing but display advertisement it is done to deliver brands message to the general customer.
  • Mobile marketing: It is an online marketing technique which focuses on reaching audience on their smart phones through e mails, SMS and websites.
  • Social media marketing: The title explains itself well. Any marketing that is done through social media platforms is social media marketing.
  • Email marketing: Email marketing is something that a brand uses to provide its registered customers the knowledge about ongoing offers or to educate them about their brands and keep them engaged.
  • Influencers marketing: The endorsements that are given to niche content creators to increase brand traffic and to improve

Brand awarness

Brand awareness amongst the targeted audience:

  • Affiliate marketing: It is performance based marketing where the company rewards the affiliate for every visitor that a company receives on their website.
  • Video marketing: Use of video to promote the brand and spread brand awareness amongst the audience to educate them.
  • Audio marketing: Marketing done through audio i.e. advertising on radio or music apps

These are just some of the types of digital marketing. There are many more such ways of digital marketing used around the world for the growth of businesses. One of some advantages of digital marketing is, it has increased employment across the world and there is no need of an office to do such work as it can be done by just being at your house