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If you are looking for such thriller Tamil movies with a unique story, try watching Rendagam, Diary, and Kuttram Kuttrame. All these three movies have a storyline that is quite different from normal thriller movies. If you have an aha subscription, you can watch them anytime, based on your choice.


The best Tamil thriller movies that have been released recently

1.    Rendagam

The cast of Rendagam

The film Rendagam was written and directed by Fellini T P under the production company August Cinema. Rendagam film stars Kunchacko Boban and Aravind Swamy in the lead roles. The other cast members include Jackie Shroff as Adiga, Eesha Rebba as Kalyani, Jins Baskar, etc.

The story of Rendagam

Rendagam is a film with many twists and suspense that you would never expect. Even though the movie is not filled with many action parts, the twists are interesting. The film begins with a man who is given an assignment to befriend a gangster with lost memory in order to get information on a gold shipment that went missing while under the control of an individual with no memory. The movie then continues with numerous twists that turn everything upside down at the climax.

2.    Diary

The cast of Diary

The supernatural mystery film Diary written and directed by Innasi Pandiyan, features Arulnithi as inspector Vardhan Annadurai and Pavithra Marimuthu as sub-inspector Pavithra Krishnan and Chaams as Aasai Raja in lead roles. The cast selection is perfect, especially with the inspector role played by Arulnithi.

The story of Diary

A sub-inspector trainee, Vardhan Annadurai, tries to investigate a 16-year-old unsolved case regarding a missing bus. He sets out to investigate the mystery case and finds out certain information. But fate leads him to a bus, creating much more mysteries in the movie. The film also has some horror thriller parts, making it much more interesting. Most of this movie revolves around Vardhan resolving the case and finding other important information that happened many years ago. Thus, it is a unique crime thriller with a paranormal case.

3.    Kuttram Kuttrame

The cast of Kuttram Kuttrame

The film star Jai plays the lead role in the movie Kuttram Kuttrame as Eeshwaran., Harish Uthaman as SI M Naatrayan, Smruthi Venkat as Priya,  Bharathiraja as DSP Muthukaruppan, and Dhivya Duraisamy as Kokila play the supportive lead roles in this film.

The story of Kuttram Kuttrame

Kuttram Kuttrame is a crime thriller filled with one crime leading to another in a series. The whole movie is about the crimes that happened in a family, filled with numerous twists and suspense. Kuttarm Kuttrame contains many twists, one after another, providing a new solution for a particular case. Kokila dies from an overdose of sleeping pills, and her husband, Eeshwaran, gets accused of being the murderer. Later the case turns into a series of incidents until everything gets connected in the end.

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